Introduction to Rugby

Physical Therapy in Staten Island, Manhattan, and New Jersey for Rugby

The extreme physicality of modern rugby often makes other contact sports look like child’s play. Often described as a collision sport rather than a contact sport, physical fitness has to be at an optimum to succeed in rugby.

During actions like scrummaging and tackling the body is required to be physically tough to absorb the forces acting on it. In addition the modern game is played at an ever increasing pace and even the front row forwards now need to be quick around the park. This balance between raw power and agility is a delicate one and training in the wrong way can reduce your effectiveness on the pitch or worse, put you at risk of injury.

There is no more depressing feeling than watching your team mates run out on the field while you sit injured on the sidelines – but many injuries are preventable. This ‘prehabilitation’ should be at the forefront of any athletes mind. Working with your Physical Therapist to ensure that you are not only physically fit, but training within a sport specific regime gives you the greatest possible chance of remaining injury free.

Inevitably, however, injuries do happen. Our Physical Therapists are skilled at not only diagnosing and treating injuries, but designing sport specific rehabilitation programmes to reduce the likelihood of the injury ever happening again. Let T.L.C. Physical Therapy take you through the vital steps to stay healthy, fit and at the top of your game.

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